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Meet Erin Tennant!

Meet Erin Tennant!
Meet Erin Tennant!
A wellness coach who specializes in shifting & shaping mindsets for people who want to lose weight. Through her personal work on her mindset, she was able to lose over 130lbs, create a successful coaching business, and continues to stay committed to growing well. Erin was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio and graduated from The Ohio State University. She has many years experience in business including but not limited to fashion merchandising, entrepreneurship, operational and project management,  and real estate investment.
Erin is a self described coffee addict, self help & fitness junkie, plant lover, ally, work in progress and a wanna be spiritual gangster.  When Erin is not coaching her clients, she is spending time loving on her family & furbabies, listening to her favorite podcasts during her early morning walks with her dog, strength training, traveling, relaxing with some yoga or favorite TV shows and connecting with new & old friends.
Self growth is Erin's passion. She loves to connect with others, discover, learn and create. Her mentor once told her that the way to show up in this world is to be an example of what is possible. Erin strives to live her life by not taking things too personally, literally, seriously and keep it moving.
To connect with Erin, follow her via her IG handle @themrstennant and inspired to grow!
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